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  • An Exclusive 4-Month Mentorship With Ashley Fox & Her Team
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  • ​Accountability Calls To Keep You On Track During Your Investment Journey
  • ​An In-Person Wealth Building Mastermind With Exclusive Guest Speakers
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What people are saying

"The Wealth Builders Academy was an experience like no other. It challenged me mentally, financially and emotionally. It allowed me the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals who want to build their financial wealth & set their family up for a better financial future. It pushed me to be more mindful and intentional in all aspects of my life. The WBA pushed me to focus on my self limiting beliefs & mentality. It made me step outside of my comfort zone in order to grow as an individual. It allowed me to see what I can accomplish if I allow myself to dream big. It helped me find the direction to do what I want in life. It taught me that I am worth the investment I made in myself."

Raquel Lopez - Houston, TX

"Before the WB Mastermind Academy, I knew nothing about earning passive income via REITS. I earned enough passive income in three months to cover my travel expenses for two trips including the WBA graduation celebration. Without joining this group, I wouldn't have started investing and I wouldn't have begun my wealth building growth. I learned how to research and invest in REITS. I got my accounts in order and learned I could begin receiving a pension from a previous employer. I am confident that in 2024 I'll continue to grow my passive income. I learned to speak self-positive thoughts into my universe and to believe in my goals. I would not have grown without the WBA 

Zena Penn - Richardson, TX


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